Your Input is Vital!

You can help! AFGE is gathering vital input from staff about the effect that the proposed multifamily reorganization will have on HUD’s mission, and on the ability of the agency to operate efficiently, effectively and in the best interest of the public it is meant to serve. Please review the following questions and provide any feedback you can to


Can you provide a concrete example that field offices make a difference to FHA risk, a difference that can’t be resolved by technology? We need examples from both asset management and production.


Can you provide examples of risk to 202s, 811s and other non-insured projects which will be created by the proposed multifamily reorganization? Remember, although we have PBCA contractors, we’re still providing service to owners, many of whom aren’t big time sophisticated borrowers.


HUD is proposing to consolidate PBCA contract oversight into HQ. Can you provide examples where field intervention made a difference to owners or tenants with subsidy problems?


Who are the additional 41 lenders involved in FHA programs since 2009, and where are they located? Can you provide information to help support the case that these or other lenders might have less access to FHA programs if field offices aren’t in the community? Do you know of any small time entrepreneurs who’ve grown a mortgage underwriting business because of access to a field office?


Can you shed some light about the impact of reorganization on Fair Housing efforts?


Please provide this information as soon as possible – time is short on this! Your input is greatly valued. Thank you.