Conversation with Deputy Secretary Maurice Jones – 5/31/2013

Following is a transcript of the Deputy Secretary’s webcast. It was taken from the “official” transcript which accompanies the recorded webcast on HUD@work and modified for readability. It should be noted that the transcript does not capture the audio word-for-word, and in preparing this for the web, it was found that in some cases words […]

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Furlough M.O.U.

From the Council 222 website: March 15 – Council 222 bargained the furlough and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed March 15. Compressed schedules as well as telework is generally protected. Council 222 also got the first day to be moved back from May 10 to May 24. While there are at most seven […]

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Website Launched!

The official website of AFGE Local 2032 has been launched! The new website has been designed to provide members of our local with easy access to resources pertaining to AFGE, and to present AFGE information to non-member visitors. Some of the features of the website include: Built on a WordPress platform. This enables member contributors […]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sequestration

May employees be administratively furloughed on a holiday?Employees may be furloughed for periods of time that include holidays. However, an agency should select the furlough days off on programmatic and administrative grounds that are unrelated to the fact that the period includes a holiday. For example, an agency may not properly furlough employees for a […]

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