Retroactive Pay Bill Passes House

Folks,   The House has passed a bill to give retroactive pay to Federal employees.  See this link (will open in new tab). I/S James

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Washington, D.C. Rally

      Folks,   AFGE National will be holding another rally in Washington D.C. on Thursday, October 10, 2013.  AFGE District 3 is offering to cover the cost of vans and buses to have members make it to this important rally.   I need to know ASAP who would like to accompany me on Thursday to this rally.  Depending on the […]

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Government Shutdown Rallies

Folks, the following dates/times have been confirmed for AFGE Government Shutdown Rallies being held in Philadelphia next week.  Local 2032 is sponsoring Wednesday’s rally at the Wanamaker Building; however, please come out and support other shutout Federal workers at Tuesday and Thursday’s rallies as well.  I/S James   Rally #1   DATE: Tuesday, October 8, 2013 […]

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Urgent Action Message from President Flynn!

  To see the urgent action message from AFGE Local 2032 president James Flynn, click here.  

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Conversation with Deputy Secretary Maurice Jones – 7/2013

Following is a transcript of the Deputy Secretary’s webcast. It was taken from the “official” transcript which accompanies the recorded webcast on HUD@work and modified for readability. It should be noted that the transcript does not capture the audio word-for-word, and in preparing this for the web, it was found that in some cases words […]

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Write Your Elected Officials! (Template)

This template is provided to assist you in writing your senators and congressional representatives about the multifamily reorganization. Please customize it as needed.

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New Representative Lookup!

AFGE2032 has just added a state-of-the art lookup tool for finding out who represents you in Congress. This is kind of big news, because it adds a new level of sophistication and functionality to our newly rolled-out website. Even if you know who your representatives are, go try out our new toy, just for fun! […]

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Your Input is Vital!

You can help! AFGE is gathering vital input from staff about the effect that the proposed multifamily reorganization will have on HUD’s mission, and on the ability of the agency to operate efficiently, effectively and in the best interest of the public it is meant to serve. Please review the following questions and provide any […]

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MSBP Appeal (Message from AFGE 2032 President)

The following are important messages from Local 2032 president James Flynn. The forms mentioned are all available here on, under the “Library” tab on the home page, or by clicking the link in the message. From: Flynn, James P Sent: Saturday, June 15, 2013 1:36 PM To: Cc: Scott, Sharon A Subject: MSPB Appeal […]

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Contact Your Senator!

Contact your senator! Let him/her know that sequestration and furloughs need to end. Tell him/her that you are tired of federal employees bearing more than their fair share of the burden for budget cuts and the financial crisis. Contact information is here: Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware

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